We are a local family owned business that is dedicated to serving you. We are growers of fine plants and purveyors of superior gardening accessories. Come visit us and talk with our horticulturists and certified nursery professionals. Experience the difference of shopping with us, a specialty company who is dedicated to providing you the knowledge and high quality plants that will make your garden a success. We hope that all of our customers find enjoyment with their gardening activities.

Platt W. Hill


Water Feature Plants

While any plant will probably be fine next to a pond, some will do and look better than others. Whether you have major splashing from a fountain or a still water hole, here are some ideas for plants to put around your pond or water feature.
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Trees & Shrubs

Platt Hill Nursery carries a wide selection of trees and shrubs that are suitable for our climate. Our selection includes some of the best shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees. The shrub selection includes many great varieties.
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Statuary and Fountains

Set your yard apart with a beautiful fountain or statue from Platt Hill Nursery.
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Potted Plants

There’s almost no restriction on what to use as a planter — as long as the dirt stays in and the water drains out, you’re good to grow. The roots will get thirstier since they aren’t in the Earth, so give your above-ground garden regular soakings; slow-release fertilizer encourages blooming all summer long.
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Great for planting a rotation of color & foliage interest throughout the year. Perennials grow back from their roots each year.
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Mulch, Soil and Rock

We carry bulk products for your large scale project. Selection includes our most popular mulches as well as the products you will need to complete your hardscape projects.
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Edibles: Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs

Try some home cooking using fruits and veggies straight from the garden. Nothing beats the freshness and taste! Take a look at our collection of vegetable, fruits and herbs. Check out our full line catalog by clicking here.
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Nothing compares to the color of annual plants. They continually bloom all summer. There is no substitute for the beauty they bring to the garden. They are perfect for garden beds, planters, hanging baskets, and more.
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Landscape Services

driveway installation

Formal Landscape Design Service

This service is best suited for customers who wish to do substantial landscaping to one or more areas or their entire property. The process begins when you schedule an at home consultation with one of our landscape designers. Our designer will listen to your ideas, discuss your objectives, evaluate the site conditions and provide suggestions on how to meet your vision. The designer will take measurements and photos for the purpose of preparing a design. Once the design and proposal are complete and suit your wishes and budget, we will schedule the installation. Typically, our designer will oversee the landscape, walkway, driveway, patio and/or driveway installation and be your point of contact for any future needs. Design fees range from $150 to $500 depending on the scope of your project. $150 for small scale front or back plan. $500 for a full site master plan(s). Minimum of $2500 project budget required.

We Design, You Plant (DIY) Service

The DIY service is for customers who wish to install their own plant material using the design we have created for them. The process begins when you schedule an appointment to meet with one of our designers at Platt Hill Nursery. During the 1.5 hour design process, our designer will spend time listening to your ideas, touring the sales yard with you and creating your scaled hand drawn design. The fee for this service is $150.
By Appointment only.

  • Required for your appointment:
    Bring photos of the area(s) you are going to landscape
  • Bring measurements of the area(s) you are going to landscape
  • Bring a plat-of-survey

Small Landscape Projects

This service is best suited for customers who need help with smaller gardening projects like renovating or creating garden beds (generally 200 sq. ft. or smaller). Come in to Platt Hill Nursery and work with our knowledgeable nursery staff and horticulturists receive landscape advice and a quick small sketch (if necessary) for your project. This service is free. Our experienced crews can deliver and install the plants for you. Delivery and installation fees vary by distance.


Required for this this service:
Bring photos of the area(s) you are going to landscape
Bring measurements of the area(s) you are going to landscape

Tree Planting/ Pick & Plant Service

Let the Tree and Plant Experts plant for you! This service is for customers wanting help installing trees and plants purchased at Platt Hill Nursery. $250 minimum.

Benefits include:

  • Skilled planting crews
  • Soil conditioner and starter fertilizer (Bio-Tone) amended into soil around your tree
  • Platt Hill Nursery shredded hardwood mulch installed around your new plants
  • 2 year warranty
  • Watering and aftercare instructions

What’s Happening @PHN

Gardening is something we can all enjoy no matter your skill level. Our workshops are a great way to discover new areas of gardening in a hands on way. We look forward having you visit us for some of these great events. If you have any questions about the seminars you can contact either location. Bloomingdale 630-529-9394. Carpentersville 847-428-6767.