Platt’s Picks

Back-to-School, Time to Plant

back to school

Kid’s are back to school!

Come into Platt Hill Nursery and pick up some plants and get back to gardening. Fall is a great time to plant as gardeners have more time now than during the spring rush to get everything done after the cold winter months. Stop in and talk to one of our experts today.



Everyone’s favorite Hydrangeas

Although there are many types of hydrangeas, most can be grown in full sun or partial shade. Keep in mind, however, that many hydrangeas do not like extremely hot conditions, so try to locate them in an area where they can enjoy some afternoon shade. While they can be grown in a wide range of soils, hydrangeas typically prefer rich, moist soil that drains easily. Amending the soil with compost prior to planting is helpful. Come in today and pick up one for your landscape or as a house warming!

Bug Protector

Bug Protector

Bug Protector mosquito repellents were formulated to repel mosquitoes, gnats and other biting insects. An independent lab tested this product for efficacy against mosquitoes, and found this product performed as well as products containing up to 5% DEET.

So skip the chemicals, and go natural. (and it smells great!)

4 oz spray bottle $4.99 ea.

Annual Sidewalk Sale

annual sidewalk sale

Stop into your favorite Platt Hill Nursery location today for store wide savings!

Our inventory varies from store to store, so stop by BOTH stores.

All sales are final. While supplies last.

Platt-A-Palooza Event Sat., Sept. 2, 2017

We’ve added some extra fun to our Platt-A-Palooza event with a craft show again this year. Come see various hand made items from ceramics to jewelry, baby items, glassware to dish towels. Each Platt Hill Nursery location will have different crafters, so attend both if you can!


Interested in a booth please contact Bloomingdale or Carpentersville to find out details before August 15th.

Roses 20% off

Roses are red…yellow, pink, white… Platt Hill Nursery has a very extensive selection of over 70 different rose varieties. Shrub roses come in many different colors and flowers including double and single blooms. Looking for something ultra-easy? Knockout Roses are virtually maintenance free and do not require dead heading. Carpet roses are low growing and are very heat tolerant.