Giving good gifts is certainly a skill. It involves listening closely throughout the year for hints that people occasionally drop about the things they want. If you haven’t been tuned in, don’t worry. There’s no need to go with the same bath salts you brought Mom last year, nor rack your brain on what to buy for Dad. Gardening has taken center stage in many people’s lives in 2020, as we’ve all been spending so much time at home. Nothing could be more appropriate this year than these gift ideas for houseplant lovers, gardeners, landscapers, home decorators, or anyone who is just discovering their green thumb!

A hydroponic grow kit is sure to impress anyone who likes food, flavor, and good health.




Gardening Tools

There is something very satisfying about receiving a practical gift, and gardening tools are some of the most useful presents around. Sometimes, inexperienced gardeners toil away unknowingly with the wrong tools, cheap tools, or tools that have seen better days. Little do they know that their pruning might be sped up with a sharper pair of clippers or their weeding made easier with a higher-quality trowel. Good tools make work easier, they last a long time, and they not only have functional value—they’re beautiful, too. We spend so much time making our garden pleasing, but our gardening gloves, shovels, and pitchforks can please us, too. And isn’t it enjoyable to be surrounded in your daily life by things that are beautiful?




Hydroponic Grow Kit 

Imagine having the ability to eat homegrown, fresh vegetables in the dead of winter. A hydroponic kit is the way to do it. It’s a gift that might be received with a hesitant, “
Oh…wow,” as the recipient tries to decipher what it is. But once they clue in, they’ll start to appreciate it. After tasting the first fresh sprouts in a few weeks, your giftee will be raving about the thoughtfulness of this gift. You don’t have to be a houseplant lover to enjoy it. A hydroponic grow kit is sure to impress anyone who likes food, flavor, and good health. It will also dazzle the technology fans among us, as it uses a special system to grow plants partially immersed in water with grow lights above.




Bird Feeders and Birdhouses

These timeless gifts never go out of fashion, but they seem to be more relevant now than ever. So many of us are thinking of ways to reduce our impact on wildlife, but beyond
reducing our footprint, bird feeders and birdhouses actually give us the chance to give back to nature. Though it’s a small token, putting out seeds for the birds is a meaningful gesture and offering to the winged ones—likewise for birdhouses. They’re gifts that initiate more giving. Plus, they’re beautiful ornaments for any yard, not to mention the wonderful blue jays and nuthatches that they’ll attract. 




Holiday Gnomes

This is a present that’s sure to spark a smile.
Even if you’ve never thought of adding bearded dwarves to your holiday decor, once they’re there, they seem to fit right in. These cute little men always lend an old-world charm and whimsical magic to the space. Gnomes look just as at-home nestled under your tree or sitting on above your fireplace. Whatever the case, these adorable plush toys are a great gift for anyone who could use some holiday cheer.     





Houseplants are the best gift for houseplant lovers, but they’re also great for people who have never grown anything before. Once they breathe the
fresh air from a Snake Plant or watch the blossoms open on a Peace Lily, they’ll wonder why they weren’t keeping houseplants before. They’ll also quickly learn that taking care of them is pretty easy. Plus, if they ever need extra advice, they can always check out our other blogs, view our videos, or contact our garden centers in Bloomingdale and Carpentersville for expert assistance.    

Coming up with gift ideas can be stressful. Knowing the recipient is the first step: are they home decorators, houseplant lovers, or secret gnome aficionados? The next step is to discover your options and realize that you don’t have to fall back on the tried-and-true chocolate truffles and knitted socks. The gardening world offers so many interesting and thoughtful choices that take on lives of their own long after the holidays are over!    

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