5 Perfect Houseplants for Beginners

With the approach of the new year, many people have resolutions to get healthier and start new endeavors. The new year is a perfect time to start houseplant living and bring a little green into your indoor space. Many people are concerned about the amount of work involved in new plants, or that they have a black thumb. www.platthillnursery.com is here to help you get started. Here are five of the most popular houseplants to get you started with your healthy indoor living:

  1. Lucky Bamboo – This easy, low light plant only requires abundant water. Lucky bamboo needs to be put in a small pot that is constantly filled with water. It’s that simple!
  2. Aloe – This plant requires a lot of sunlight with the occasional watering. Like succulents, the aloe plant can go a long time without watering. If you find yourself struggling to remember to water, this is the plant for you.
  3. Jade Plant – This is a great starter plant as it is highly tolerant of dry soil and can store water int its leaves for a long time. Like the aloe plant, it will thrive more with neglect than over-loving. Their interesting shapes and easy care make these beauties great houseplants for kids.
  4. Snake Plant – This plant is a great vertical accent to your living space. It can take a drought and a variety of light conditions and be successful. If you want something to fill a bigger space, this will be a great plant to start with.
  5. Wandering Jew – This great plant has great, vibrant colors and can take a variety of light conditions. This will need more watering than the previous three, but the color is great.

Stop in to our location nearest you for houseplant ideas, and check out the broad variety of new plants we have for beginners and the avid houseplant lover. Our staff is here to help assist picking the perfect plant for your indoor space.

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