Early December can often fly by in a swirl of lights, Christmas trees, and year-end deadlines. Whether you’ve been busy or are simply the kind of person to leave your shopping until the last minute (after all, what’s the rush?), you still have lots of time to find the perfect gift for loved ones!   

A gift does not need to be expensive to be memorable.


Hydroponic Grow Kit  

This kit allows you to grow fresh greens,
herbs, and flowers year-round without worrying about soil or window space. Along with high-quality grow lighting (sold separately), hydroponics allow you to garden indoors when the weather outside is frightful. All the care that’s required is to top up the water occasionally and harvest the tasty leaves before they grow too tall. Many commercial growers in cold climates already use hydroponics to grow veggies during the winter, and with this kit, you can bring a taste of that technology right into your home. It’s a perfect gift for beginner gardeners, chefs, and green thumbs alike.  




Miniature Gardens

A miniature indoor garden is another way to satisfy your longing for greenery, beauty, and gardening during the winter months. While the flower garden is buried in snow, you can tend a miniature version inside, complete with
succulents, an array of indoor plants, moss, stone paths, and even some fairy cottages. This miniature world can add life, fresh air, and interest to any room. Whoever thought evergreens were the main plant at Christmas has yet to discover the possibilities of a miniature garden! 





Plants are gifts that keep on giving. Few plants evoke such mystery and fascination as the orchid. Their name alone brings us into the moss-covered branches of a jungle or the lush groves of an old-growth forest. They have a reputation for being finicky to grow, but as long as you follow the proper steps, it’s easy to keep them happy. The rewards include tantalizing flowers and a manageable-sized plant for your home office, bedroom, or anywhere you’d like the exotic beauty of an orchid.




Scented Candles

A gift does not need to be expensive to be memorable. In a world of bright screens and electric whirring, sometimes it’s refreshing just to dim the lights for a moment and enjoy the quiet flicker of a candle. It’s amazing how one small flame can transform the whole atmosphere of a room. As an added bonus, the melting wax releases the scent of peppermint, vanilla, nutmeg, and other aromas. They make the perfect stocking stuffer, and even a main gift for those who appreciate warm scents and cozy lighting


Platt’s Favorite Trowel

A well-made trowel can make your whole gardening season easier and more enjoyable. One trowel in our selection is a special favorite of Platt Hill himself, the owner and manager of our
garden centers. The smooth, stainless steel blade and sharp point makes it effortless to pierce tough soils, while the measurements on the side let you know how deep you’re digging. If you want to encourage someone to get into gardening, this trowel will help them enjoy the experience, and any experienced grower will enjoy the gift as well.  




Platt Hill Nursery Gift Card 

A gift card is like a seed that can be planted and harvested at a later date, except the giftee gets to choose exactly what they want to bloom. At our
nurseries in Bloomingdale and Carpentersville, they can choose from a wide selection of houseplants, seeds, outdoor plants, tools, decor, and all things garden-related. Our offerings are always changing with the seasons, meaning they’ll find exactly what they need at each time of the year.    




Even though the big day is approaching, there is still time to find thoughtful and memorable gifts. Our garden centers are brimming with as many wonderful plants and accessories now as at any time of year, including everything you see above. If you need more last-minute ideas, check out our Winter Garden Guide. Or, pay us a visit, and we’d be happy to help you find the perfect gift for your loved-ones!  

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