Spring is coming!

cool weather annuals

Pansies and Violas

Pansies are colorful flowers with “ happy faces.” A cool-weather favorite, pansies are great for spring planters and gardens.

How to Plan Your Gardening Season

To get from the dreaming stage to the doing stage, we need a plan. This is where the fun starts, but also where we have to get specific.


 The best time for this is after the last hard frost in spring, as snapdragons can tolerate light frost.


Pick up  a new pot to brighten your front stoop or patio. We have a HUGE selection and variety of colors.

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Platt Hill Nursery  Annuals

Nothing compares to the color of annual plants. Annuals are generally planted in spring and last just one season, requiring planting the following year- to be planted “annually”.  The good news is that they bloom continually through the entire summer, offering seemingly endless blooms. There is no substitute for the beauty they bring to the garden. Annuals are perfect for garden beds, planters, hanging baskets, and more.

When planting containers, remember the winning recipe for planters is to have a thriller (tall plants), spiller (plants that hangs over the edge of the pot, and filler (fills the empty spaces). The possibilities are endless. Not sure if you have the confidence to put this together? Let our expert greenhouse staff help you out. We can help you design your pots, or leave the empty pots and we’ll do all the work!

fall garden annuals

Mum-a Mia! Planting and Caring for Chrysanthemums

They have a complicated name, but these flowers are simply beautiful. 

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Grab & Go Planters

Beautifully planted and easy-peasy!


Create your own custom planters or landscape beds with our 48 plant flats. Mix up the flat with a color palette as unique as you.

Fall Plants for A Garden That Glows

Fall plants offer a unique ability to increase the seasonal aesthetic and overall atmosphere of our gardens. At this time of year, the temperatures are starting to cool down and it can be much more comfortable to get outside.

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