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Seed or SOD

As spring brings its yearly green up, many homeowners begin to evaluate their lawn.  If your lawn could use some TLC, you can spruce it up with grass seed or sod. Sod is a strip of fully grown grass and soil.  In the Chicago Suburbs, the grass is usually a blend of...

What should I do with my outdoor space?

When you buy your new home, there is a lot of excitement in the air once you start to personalize everything both indoors and outdoors. As you look across your yard, sometimes all you see is a sea of green with no idea what to do. Where do you begin? Here are a few...

Flowers for the Cold Chicago Spring

Interested in bringing color to your outdoor space first thing in spring? Buy Pansies! Rooting from European and western Asian countries, pansies give your home a delightful pop of color. These cold hardy annuals can be planted while there are still frosts in early...

Why Buy the Larger Tree

Many customers ask why we encourage them to buy a larger tree opposed to a smaller one. There are many benefits to have a bigger tree on your property, including the following: Instant impact on your outdoor space. The bigger and fuller tree gives you the desired look...

When to Plant Trees in the Chicagoland Area

Planting a tree definitely enhances any outdoor space. Many wonder when they should be planting their tree to maximize the amount of new growth. At Platt Hill Nursery, we highly recommend to plant the tree early in the spring season (while still dormant) to strengthen...

How to Assess a Damaged Tree from Chicago Winter

This winter was particularly brutal in the Chicagoland area with very heavy snowfall and strong winds. The number of trees damaged was staggering, with over hundreds being removed. What to do if your tree is damaged: After the vicious winter, you can expect harm on...

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