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Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean Up. Where do you start? Raking leaves from trees and shrubs You can use the leaves for composting in the area to add some more nutrients in the soil, but if the leaves have been infected with disease or insects make sure to throw them away.  If you are...

Fall is for planting!

Can I plant trees and shrubs in the fall in Chicago? Yes! Fall is a great time to plant in the Chicagoland area. The cooler temperatures of September and October produce better planting conditions because there is less heat which can cause stress in plants installed...

Magnolia Scale

What is happening to my Magnolia? Magnolia Scale! Are you starting to notice white spots all over your Magnolia? Are you starting to notice a sticky substance all over the plant and at the base of the plant? You are not alone; it is called magnolia scale and it is...

When should I water?

TO WATER OR NOT TO WATER? You have just installed your new plants and proper watering is now most critical to their success. Q: How do I know when to water? A: The simple answer is when Mother Nature doesn’t provide rain and /or when the ground is dry. The best way to...

Why should we use Mulch

Why use mulch in Chicago? Mulch serves many purposes in your outdoor space. The primary purposes are to reduce water evaporation, prevent weeds, minimize erosion and add some beautiful texture to your outdoor space. Mulch will reduce the amount of water you have to...

Perfect Time to Start Your Outdoor Space

Perfect Time to Start your Outdoor Space With the wet, cool May, many people in Chicago are wondering about whether or not it is too late to start working on their yard. Given the record-setting rainfall we had in May, June would be a perfect time to start getting...

Boxwood Damage

Are you wondering why your boxwoods are looking brown and damaged after this past winter even though they have done well for several years? Do not fret, you are not alone! This past winter in Chicago when the weather got around -50 with wind chill really hurt a lot of...

Seed or SOD

As spring brings its yearly green up, many homeowners begin to evaluate their lawn.  If your lawn could use some TLC, you can spruce it up with grass seed or sod. Sod is a strip of fully grown grass and soil.  In the Chicago Suburbs, the grass is usually a blend of...

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