Are you wondering why your boxwoods are looking brown and damaged after this past winter even though they have done well for several years? Do not fret, you are not alone! This past winter in Chicago when the weather got around -50 with wind chill really hurt a lot of the boxwood. Boxwoods are hardy for the Chicago suburbs, but when we have such brutally cold days it takes a toll.

What to do to help the boxwoods recover?

If the plant still has some green, you might be in luck! We are recommending that you trim off the brown areas and add some acidifying fertilizer such as Holly-tone. Please read the instructions on the bag to get the best idea for the application.

When will I see new growth?

We are recommending the wait a few weeks to see new growth. If new growth starts to form, the plant will probably fully recover! Remember, the boxwoods are fairly slow growers so it might take some time to get back to their original size.

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