A large number of boxwood in our area suffered significant damage from the extreme cold during the Midwest winter months. To help prevent and minimize winter burn on your boxwoods and evergreens this winter, Platt Hill Nursery recommends spraying your boxwood with a product called ‘Wilt Stop’. This natural pine oil emulsion will provide a protective coating for the boxwood leaves which prevents drying out and wind or winter burn.
Apply ‘Wilt Stop’ before the Chicagoland area gets too cold. Spray the leaves until they are dripping with the product to maximize its effectiveness. If you have a large row of boxwood shrubs, we recommend the ready-to-use bottle that connects directly to your garden hose for easy use and maximum coverage.
Platt Hill Nursery sells ‘Wilt Stop’ in both ready-to-use spray bottles and concentrates. This is the same product you can use on Christmas trees, wreaths and garland to keep them green longer! Fingers crossed that we do not have another bad winter, but let’s face it, this is Chicago, and you never know what can happen. Stop in to either Platt Hill Nursery location to see the ‘Wilt Stop’ product sizes and options. Stay warm out there Platt Hill Nursery customers!

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