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Platt Hill Nursery Bulk Materials

Bulk available in Carpentersville only. 

No bulk material sales after 6pm.

We carry bulk products for your large scale project. Selection includes our most popular mulches as well as the products you will need to complete your hardscape projects. Bulk products can be loaded into open bed vehicles, but cannot be loaded into buckets or bags. Customers may load their bulk goods into containers for transport.

Bulk Deliveries

Maximum Quantity Per Delivery

Mulch 8 yds

Compost 5 yds

All Other 3 yds

Mulch, Soil, & Stone Calculator

This calculator is designed to provide you with the number of bags or yards needed for a project based of the total square footage of the project and your desired depth. Follow the directions below for calculating square footage and the quantity of bags you will need to complete your project.

No bulk material sales after 6pm.


Dyed & Organic Mulch - Platt Hill Nursery
Layer Thickness: 
Bed Size (sq. ft.): 
You will need:
1/2-cubic-foot bags or
2-cubic-foot bags or
3-cubic-foot bags or
cubic feet or
cubic yards

Our Products

Pulverized Top Soil

Premium Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Our premium shredded hardwood mulch will break down slowly adding organic compost to your beds.

Black Dyed Mulch

Red Dyed Mulch

Standard Bark Mulch

Blended Compost

Mushroom compost blended with organic matter. Provides a nutritional boost to existing soil conditions. Improves soil structure when preparing beds. 

Grade 8 Limestone Road Gravel

Use for patio or paver stone base. Compact thoroughly. Top dress with limestone screening.

Limestone Screening

Use as a granular base for laying patio stone, retaining wall or paving block.

Pea Gravel 3/8″

Torpedo Sand

Grainy sand used for patios, construction to improvesoil aeration and drainage. Not for use in sandboxes.

3/8″ Limestone Chips

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