The first thing is that a day of snow is not likely to harm your plants. The soil is already workable and one day of winter-like weather is not enough to make it freeze up again. Even if there is a freeze, and even if yes, it’s technically spring in Chicagoland.

The danger with snow is the weight of it on your plants, especially if they’re still small. A light dusting won’t do much harm. But an inch or two covering, newly planted or repotted plants could mean you’ll have to replant. The weight can snap off stems or leave them so weak that they may not grow properly.

Cover Plants to Protect Gardens from Snow and Cooler Temperatures

To eliminate the issue, your best option is to cover your plants or bring them indoors. Here are some ideas to cover your plants so they are not exposed to the snow. That way, you won’t have to worry about the cold or the weight of snow from harming your new beauties.

Bring your plants indoors, if possible.

Sheet, burlap or a lightweight drop cloth, held up with garden stakes or large pots: is another way to protect your garden from the snow.

Cardboard box: Use a cardboard box to cover plants–you could even cut some holes on the sides for air. Just remove it as soon as possible to let your plants get the light they need, as the cardboard will prevent plants from getting light.

With just a small amount of preparation, your early plantings will make it through spring snow. Good luck with your gardens this spring! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at www.platthillnursery.com

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