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Platt Hill Nursery Spring Clean Up

Our primary focus here at Platt Hill Nursery is customer success and to that end we want to help both our experienced and amateur gardening customers get the greatest satisfaction from their gardens.  In a lot of ways, gardens and landscaping aren’t that different from our houses or cars in that they require some basic annual maintenance to run smoothly and to look their best.  For those customers whose highest priority in the spring is not doing yardwork, we’re here for you with our Spring Clean Up Packages.

While there is a broad spectrum of services that our experienced and knowledgeable crews can provide, a typical Spring Clean Up Package includes:

  • Cleaning up planting beds by removing left-over leaves and debris from the fall and winter.
  • Spade edging the beds and turning existing mulch.
  • Spreading a weed pre-emergent to help combat weeds.
  • Adding new mulch.
  • Applying the appropriate fertilizer to trees and shrubs.

For those customers that were unable to prune their plants in the fall, we can also trim and shape shrubs and some trees, noting that spring may not be the appropriate time to trim many of your favorite plants and trees.

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