The holidays are in full swing! Thanksgiving has come and gone, we’ve all had our fair share of turkey and now it’s on to the Christmas season. For those putting up fresh-cut Christmas trees in the coming weeks, here are some helpful tips to keep your trees looking great for the holidays.
– Remove 1-2 inches from the bottom of the tree trunk before placing it in a stand. Cutting the base removes dried sap and allows for your tree to soak up water. Platt Hill Nursery will do this for you prior to loading it on your vehicle. Get the tree in water within a couple hours of being cut. Otherwise, the tree may seal itself off with sap to prevent moisture loss and will need to be cut again. 
– Use a stand rated for the height of the tree you purchase. Do not use a 6-8ft stand for a 9-10ft tall tree. Not only will this help to keep the tree straight and sturdy, but it will give you a reservoir large enough to hold the proper amount of water your tree needs. 
– Check the water level in your stand and refill daily. Newly cut trees can soak up as much as 1 gallon of water in the first day. A tree that doesn’t get enough water will begin to lose needles and dry out which can become a fire hazard in the home.
– Use a Christmas tree preservative to extend the life of your tree. ‘Prolong’ is available at Platt Hill Nursery and encourages faster water absorption while also being pet and child safe.
– Keep your tree away from heat sources like fireplaces and heat vents that can cause your tree to dry out and drop needles faster.
– Do not overload extension cords or power strips and refrain from using frayed wires or strands with broken bulbs.
– Lastly, purchase a plastic tree removal bag. This large bag can be placed under the tree stand during set up and covered with a tree skirt. Once the holidays are over, simply lift up and bag your tree. This makes removal after the holiday season a breeze and protects floors from spills and stains.
From all of us here at Platt Hill Nursery, have a safe and merry holiday season!
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