Our Tree Lot is Open Daily

The only Christmas tree that will fill your home with the unique and delightful scent of Christmas Past is a fresh one. Every year Platt Hill personally visits Christmas tree plantations to select only trees that are properly cultured and pruned. Mr. Hill insists on late harvest and ship dates to ensure only the freshest trees for your selection.

Our Fresh Cut Trees

Balsam Fir

An old fashioned Christmas classic. Balsam Firs feature short, flat, long lasting needles that are green with a silvery cast. Balsam Firs have stiff boughs for hanging larger ornaments and have great fragrance.

Fraser Fir

Our most popular tree, coined the Cadillac of Christmas trees. Fraser Firs grow into the perfect Christmas tree. Characterized by short, flat, dark green needles with a silver underside. Fraser Firs have great scent and needle retention. The pyramid shape and strong branches support heavy ornaments.

Scotch Pine

Scotch Pines are a classic and favorite of the midwest. These trees have longer 3 inch needles that are a nice green color. These trees have stiff branching that can hold heavier ornaments. These trees have good needle retention.

White Pine

White Pines have the softest touch of all the Christmas trees. Needles are medium length green with blue striping. Aside from the very attractive needles, White Pines have outstanding pyramidal shape. These trees are also narrower than other Christmas trees, making them great for tighter spaces. Branches are flexible and are not the best for heavy ornaments, but they are great for designs with fewer decorations.