Easy-to-grow. Sun-loving. Air-clearing. Medicinal.


Pure, clean, life-empowering oxygen.


Improved Air Quality. Improved Focus.

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Platt Hill Nursery  Houseplants

We, at Platt Hill Nursery, believe that every home needs indoor houseplants.  Having a touch of greenery in a room evokes a feeling of peaceful tranquility by bringing the outdoors in. Plants inside the home also has been proven to offer health benefits such as purifying the air we breathe and even helping to provide a better night’s sleep.

Our greenhouse department offers a wide selection of houseplants year ’round. We have easy to grow houseplants such as peace lily, snake plant, pothos and philodendron for the novice gardener.  For the more experienced indoor grower we have bonsai and orchids.  Whatever your experience level, our expert staff is here to help you make your selection easy.

Don’t forget to pick up a healing aloe plant, or a fun cactus or succulent on your next visit.

Our Products

Spider Plant

Sleepwell. Clean Air. Pet Friendly. Most cultivated houseplant in the world.

Scheurich Pot Covers

The sophistication of these one hundred percent watertight ceramic containers lies in their crafted-looking exterior.

We have the perfect fertilizer for your houseplant purchase. Free potting service included with decorative pot and plant purchase.

Cyclamen make excellent houseplants, blooming for weeks and requiring very little care. Keep them out of reach of dogs and cats.

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