Whether we’re students or not, we’ve all had the experience of sitting at a desk and trying to push through some heavy material. The clock ticks on, but we don’t seem to make any progress. In these moments, we usually turn to a cup of coffee, an exercise break, or some brain food, but few have discovered the benefits of houseplants. Countless studies are now showing that indoor plants can enhance our concentration, increase creativity, and boost our memory—among other benefits!


Houseplants Cleanse and Purify the Air 

Since the 1970s, NASA has been researching ways that indoor plants can clean the air and remove toxins from the space station. They’ve learned that many plants filter the volatile compounds that off-gas from the synthetic materials they use. These same compounds are often in our homes in carpets, walls, paint, and cleaning products. Houseplants exhale fresh oxygen and filter these compounds from the air, giving us fresher air for our bodies and brains to enjoy.


Houseplants Enhance Focus and Concentration 

Now that doctors know more about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it is being diagnosed in more people than it was ten years ago. Researchers have been experimenting with ways to help people with ADHD better manage their symptoms. In one study evaluating focus, children in classrooms with a green wall scored better than their counterparts with no indoor plants. The same theme proves true with adults: views of nature from the window helped increase productivity at office buildings versus those with no windows. Simply being around plants—even when separated by a window—tends to boost our concentration.



Houseplants Foster Creativity 

Nature has long been a creative refuge for artists and poets. Anyone who has hiked through old-growth forest or rambled through the countryside will likely agree. Researchers have tested these findings and discovered that walks in the park, as well as “walking meetings,” encourage more creative discoveries among office workers. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that adding lush ferns, ivy, and philodendron—or any number of succulents or houseplants to our home office—can inspire better ideas at home, too.


Houseplants Enhance Memory 

A recent study from the University of Michigan found that being in nature or the vicinity of houseplants increased memory retention by up to 20%. Another paper showed that children who walked in the park had better memory abilities afterward. With September around the corner, it might be worthwhile to line your room with pothos, aloe vera, spider plants, or any number of plants to boost you or your young student’s brainpower!



Houseplants Reduce Stress

How do plants have all of these amazing benefits? The fresh air certainly helps. Another reason might be because they reduce our stress. The amount of green space in a neighborhood has been shown to be a predictor of stress. Those who lived closer to parks had lower levels of cortisol and blood pressure. The same findings were found in office buildings. More plants inside correlated to less stress, reduced blood pressure, and higher job satisfaction.


Houseplants Increase Happiness 

Walks in nature have long been known to alleviate depression. The effects are so well-known that they inspired a whole new branch of therapy called therapeutic horticulture intervention. What is it? Basically, it’s the practice of bringing people out in the garden to increase their mental well-being. Houseplants bring a piece of that garden inside. When you’re feeling good, it’s easier to do any activity, including hitting the books.



Our Favorite Houseplants

Feeling ready to create a brain-boosting study area filled with houseplants? These are a few of the trending houseplants you’ll find at Platt Hill Nursery!


Whether we’re getting ready to go back to college or not, many of us are now working at home. Houseplants can breathe life back into our home study. They can enhance our well-being, and boost our productivity—not to mention the
incredible beauty they bring. Visit us today to discover the houseplants available at our garden centers in Bloomingdale and Carpentersville! 

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