How to select the perfect fresh-cut Christmas tree

How do you find the right Christmas tree for your family? Here are some things to look for when shopping for Christmas trees:

  • Before leaving the house, know the maximum height and circumference your fresh-cut tree can be, especially if it is going in the corner of the room.
  • When you arrive at the tree lot, check out different varieties. The most common fresh-cut Christmas tree is the Fraser fir, but these trees are not for everyone. The Douglas and Balsam fir are other great options.
  • Make sure your tree selection has been recently cut and is not dried out. Needles should not snap as soon as they are bent, but should have some give. Ask the person helping you select your tree when it was harvested. If it was harvested three or four weeks prior, shop somewhere else.
  • Make sure to shake the tree out before you leave the tree lot. If you notice all the needles are falling off, this is a good sign the tree is not fresh.
  • Also, ask the tree lot to put a fresh-cut on the bottom of the tree, so the tree can absorb more water. If the tree is not cut, the base heals up and cannot take in as much water.
  • Before leaving the tree lot, check the tree is securely fastened to your vehicle. Nothing ruins Christmas faster than leaving the tree lot and the tree falls off the vehicle.
  • Once your tree is home, stand it up in a tree stand immediately and fill the stand with water.
  • Water your fresh-cut Christmas tree daily, so the tree does not dry out.
  • Add “Prolong” to keep the tree fresh through the holiday season.
  • When the season is finished, make sure you have a Christmas tree bag for ease of getting it out to the curb. This will limit the needle drop when taking the tree out. Putting the tree bag down prior to standing your fresh-cut Christmas tree up in the stand for ease of removal!

There are a several things to consider when purchasing a Christmas tree. If you have questions, reach out to www.platthillnursery.com, and we can help get you the right fresh-cut Christmas tree and care!