Artificial vs Fresh-cut Christmas Trees

Everyone is always wondering, should I have an artificial or fresh-cut Christmas tree? There is no right answer for everyone, but here are some things to consider while picking:

High-quality artificial Christmas trees like at www.platthillnursery.com are designed to last for years. This will result in long term costs savings and they are easy to set up and store. High-quality artificial trees are also perfectly shaped and sturdy where fresh-cut trees could come with some anomalies. Artificial trees come in a wide variety of pre-lit options which reduce the hassle of stringing and storing lights. Also, there is NO WATERING!

However, high-quality fresh-cut trees have perks as well. Each year can bring a unique tree into your space with great fragrance and ambiance. The fresh-cut tree also can absorb large amounts of CO2 leading to a cleaner living environment. Also, you do not need to worry about finding a place to store it year-round, waiting for the next Christmas season. The fresh-cut tree is also easily modifiable through changing out lights, or anything else you want to do.

As you ponder this, stop into your local www.platthillnursery.com to look at both artificial and fresh-cut Christmas trees side by side to see which fits your needs best. Have a happy holiday!

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