It is the perfect time to overseed your lawn! 

Our grass seed experts recommend overseeding August 15th to September 15th in the Chicagoland area.

When seeding lawns, use grass seed appropriate to your site. The best choice for most lawns in northern Illinois is a mix of Kentucky blue grass, perennial rye, and fescue seeds (Platt Hill Nursery Landscape Mix/Full Sun). If seeding in a shaded area, purchase a shade-tolerant mix. Cultivate soil down to a few inches and broadcast grass seed and starter fertilizer according to package directions. Cover with loose straw to prevent wind or bird damage to seeds. Keep soil moist until seed germinates.
Platt Hill Nursery Branded Grass Seed


Annual white grub damage will begin to show up this month as browned-out areas of turf that pull back easily, like a carpet. Grubs chew grass roots, resulting in turf that lifts up. Minor damage is usually not cause for treatment. Pull back turf and count grubs (white C-shaped larvae with black heads); 10 to 12 per square foot is considered enough to treat.
Homeowners might notice a chewed-up appearance to their lawns if grubs are numerous. Skunks, raccoons, and birds will tear up grass searching for grubs, especially at night, sometimes doing more damage than the grubs themselves.

Drop by our garden centers in Chicagoland to see all of the evergreens and deciduous shrubs that can bring shade and privacy to your yard!

Platt Hill Nursery is Chicago’s premier garden center and nursery. Stop in and see us for your grass seed and pest control needs. We are here to help!

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