Perfect Time to Start your Outdoor Space

With the wet, cool May, many people in Chicago are wondering about whether or not it is too late to start working on their yard. Given the record-setting rainfall we had in May, June would be a perfect time to start getting your yard ready. Take advantage of the cool, more importantly DRY, weather and get some plants in the ground so that you can start taking advantage of your outdoor space.

If you do not know where to start, go to your local nursery, like www.platthillnursery.com, and bring in some pictures with dimensions. The locally trained staff will know what works well in the area and more importantly, how to help you take care of your plants. Additionally, many local nurseries will run educational seminars to further help you get started on your daunting project. Whether you are just looking to get started small with annuals and planters or need to get something big done, like large trees and shrubs, they can get you something that works.

Another assumption people make is that you cannot plant during the summer because the plants cannot take the heat. For the Chicago suburbs, all you need to do is adjust your watering. First things first: pay attention to your plant’s watering needs. Overwatering is the most common cause of harm to young plants. By looking at your plant’s leaves, you can tell a lot about their watering needs. If the leaves are starting to turn light brown and curling, then your plant is dry and needs more water. You can also stick your finger in the soil at the base of the plant to see how dry it is to determine if you need to water more. However, slowly increase the amount of water you provide – don’t correct under-watering with overwatering. We recommend leaving the hose at the base and let a small stream OR amount of water trickle out into the soil to soak the plant in. If the leaves start to droop or wilt and look like they’re too heavy, or turn dark, then the plant is getting too much water. When in doubt, call www.platthillnursery.com with questions.

Plants will enjoy the heat and grow much faster in the hotter weather as long as they are already rooted in. Avoid planting anything that is bare root (something that is not planted in soil) because it will struggle to adapt to its new area.

Don’t suffer through another summer without a great outdoor space. Find the best trees for cooling your home, attracting wildlife, and providing nuts and berries—among other benefits! Let us help you find your ideal outdoor space!