This winter was particularly brutal in the Chicagoland area with very heavy snowfall and strong winds. The number of trees damaged was staggering, with over hundreds being removed. What to do if your tree is damaged: After the vicious winter, you can expect harm on your property, specifically your trees. At Platt Hill Nursery, we understand it can be stressful to deal with a damaged tree. If your tree has been harmed, follow the important steps below.

  • Assess the damage
    • Look for branches with significant foliage that has broken off
    • Observe to see if the trunk has begun to split. If trunk has split, it is time for the tree to be removed.
  • If tree trunk is not split, it is essential to call an arborist for further investigation
  • If aborsit determines your tree can be saved, do not prune the intact branches to ensure it can recover smoothly.
  • Visit Platt Hill Nursery to purchase a new hardy tree.

To learn more about how you can safely prune your tree, refer to our pruning guide. For more information or to purchase a new tree, contact Platt Hill Nursery or visit one of our locations today.