Water Feature Plants

These great vivarium plants are perfectly suited for water features incorporated in naturalistic vivaria and terrariums.  Some of these plants can be grown completely submerged, but most allow just their roots to be submerged. Water feature plants are also great for aquatic or semiaquatic animal species, such as clawed frogs or reed frogs.

Floating Red Blue Lilies

Horticulturally, water lilies have been hybridized for temperate gardens since the 19th century, and the hybrids are divided into three groups: hardy, night-blooming tropical, and day-blooming tropical water lilies.

Lotus Flower

The flowers are usually found on thick stems rising several centimeters above the leaves. The plant normally grows up to a height of about 150 cm and a horizontal spread of up to 3 meters, but some unverified reports place the height as high as over 5 meters. The leaves may be as large as […]

Water Lily

It grows in water that is 30–150 cm (12–59 in) deep and likes large ponds and lakes. The leaves can be up to 30 cm (12 in) in diameter and take up a spread of 150 cm (59 in) per plant. The flowers are white and they have many small stamens inside. They are found […]