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New Year, New Houseplants!

As we move into the New Year, there’s another annual celebration just around the corner—Chinese New Year! These gorgeous houseplants can each help you embrace positive qualities throughout the year.

5 Houseplants for Beginners

5 Perfect Houseplants for Beginners With the approach of the new year, many people have resolutions to get healthier and start new endeavors. The new year is a perfect time to start houseplant living and bring a little green into your indoor space. Many people are...

Fresh-cut Christmas Tree Care

The holidays are in full swing! Thanksgiving has come and gone, we've all had our fair share of turkey and now it's on to the Christmas season. For those putting up fresh-cut Christmas trees in the coming weeks, here are some helpful tips to keep your trees looking...

Artificial vs Fresh-cut Christmas Trees

Artificial vs Fresh-cut Christmas Trees Everyone is always wondering, should I have an artificial or fresh-cut Christmas tree? There is no right answer for everyone, but here are some things to consider while picking: High-quality artificial Christmas trees like at...

One of a Kind Holiday Decorating

One of a Kind Holiday Decorating! Decorating for the holidays is always a challenge. What makes it even more difficult is how many different stores you need to visit to try and get all the different decorations. It is always simpler to find one spot to get all of the...

Protecting Roses for Winter

Chicago winters can be tough on roses.  Some roses are quite hardy in our area, such as Knock Out types, Drift types, and landscape/shrub roses.  Other roses such as hybrid teas, grandifloras, and floribunda roses need winter protection. To protect roses for winter,...

Fall Clean Up

Where do you start? Raking leaves from trees and shrubs You can use your leaves for composting in an area to add more nutrients to the soil, but if the leaves have been infected with disease or insects make sure to throw them away.  If you are unsure, play it safe and...

Fall is for planting!

Can I plant trees and shrubs in the fall in Chicago? Yes! Fall is a great time to plant in the Chicagoland area. The cooler temperatures of September and October produce better planting conditions because there is less heat which can cause stress in plants installed...

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