Planting a tree definitely enhances any outdoor space. Many wonder when they should be planting their tree to maximize the amount of new growth. At Platt Hill Nursery, we highly recommend to plant the tree early in the spring season (while still dormant) to strengthen the root system prior to the rainy season. It is crucial to plant the tree when the soil is relatively dry to ensure it establishes an effective base before beginning to grow upward.

Benefits of planting early:

  • Avoids obstruction from wet soil.
  • Root system strengthens smoothly, allowing for tree to grow faster.
  • Enjoy your tree sooner than later!

While planting in the early spring season is the best, that still does not mean you cannot plant the tree later. At Platt Hill Nursery, our trees are carefully cultivated, meaning they can be transplanted smoothly throughout the spring and summer.

To learn more about the best trees for cooling your landscape or to get a tree transplanted to your home, contact Platt Hill Nursery or visit one of our locations today.

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