Many customers ask why we encourage them to buy a larger tree opposed to a smaller one. There are benefits to a larger tree on your property, including the following:

  • Instant impact on your outdoor space.
  • The bigger and fuller tree gives you the desired look sooner.
  • The caliber tree is a prominent piece of your outdoor space, allowing for smaller plants to grow overtime.

A fuller tree gives your outdoor space a vibrant feeling, providing shade on bright sunny days. Smaller trees will delay the process of planting other things in your space, due to not being able to visualize what it will look like once it has grown.

Though larger trees give you an instant visual of your new space, smaller trees are still a great option for patient customers. At Platt Hill Nursery, we understand that some of our customers want a smaller tree so they can watch it grow overtime.

To learn more about why buying the larger tree is the better option or to get started on purchasing a tree, contact Platt Hill Nursery or visit one of our locations today.